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3 April 2012
Basil Read machines arriving
Basil Read dumper truck on St Helena Island

Terri Clingham

More vehicles are arriving on St Helena. Along with Richard James and Saint Trading containers and much other freight on the wharf, Basil Read imported the two biggest vehicles that could fit or be lifted on the RMS St Helena.

On 3rd April two articulated dump trucks were landed at the Wharf, they are coloured bright yellow and made by Volvo. Weighing in at 23/24 tonnes with a carrying capacity of 30 tonnes.

The trucks are paired to work with the 40 ton and 70 ton excavators, which will arrive on the Basil Read ship in May. Until then they will be used for transporting rocks from the quarry at the top of Ruperts Valley to the jetty at the Shears.



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