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16 March 2012
LegCo Concludes 4 Day Session
Councillor Michael Benjamin announces resignation from LegCo
St Helena Legislative Councillor Michael Benjamin

Sharon Henry

Tuesday was the last day of Legislate Council. 

The session should have been completed in 3 days but ran over by a day. The main focus was the Appropriation Bill, Income Tax Bill and the Pension Bill. 

The Financial Secretary presented the Appropriations Bill also called the Budget.  He explained that there had been many positive developments on the  island  which could be attributed to the construction contract being given to Basil Read and the decision made during Legco. 

Other points of interest in the budget speech:
Raising the retirement age from 60 to 65 by 2023
There is provision for a pay award from the first of October.

All bills were passed.

Legco concluded with the Adjournment debate where councillor Michael Benjamin (pictured above) was the first to speak.  Councillor Benjamin took the opportunity to announce his decision to resign due to recurring health issues. 

Governor Capes will shortly announce when the bi-election will take place.  In the past it has been 6 weeks after the councillor has resigned.  Councillor Benjamin's last day in office will be Saturday the 31st of March.



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