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16 March 2012
Facelift for St James Church

Sharon Henry

St James Church is to get a much needed facelift. 

Work has started today with the erection of scaffolding by Adrian Duncan Contractors who has been awarded the contract by the St James Action Group.  Restoration is to be done to repair the masonry of the exterior fabric and to clean and paint the exterior.   The plaster rendering has deteriorated and fallen of the pinnacles and tower, exposing the red stone underneath.  The church was last painted smoky white in 1981.  This light colour has proven to be unsuitable as it highlights dust and pollution from the nearby roads.  It will be re-painted brown that matches the red stone of St John’s church, upper Jamestown that was the original colour.  These restoration works will take 3 months and be finished in June.

St James Church is the oldest Anglican church in the southern hemisphere dating back to 1774 and is one of St Helena's tourist attractions.  The Action Group has raised 40 thousand pounds over 12 years to fund the restoration and is planned in three phases.  The first was the interior completed in 2004, the second is the current exterior work.  The final stage is to re-build the steeple that was dismantled in 1981.  Ivy Ellick, Chairman of the Action Group said "fund raising will need to continue to complete the project".



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