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World AIDS Day 2012 on St Helena
1 December 2012


The first worldwide reported case of HIV/AIDS was 1981. Twenty eight years later the first case was reported locally. Since then HIV testing continues to take place on St Helena and education efforts continue in Prince Andrew School. The Sentinel marked World AIDS Day 2012 with this report by Sherrilee Phillips.

"What we do here," says Lolly Young, "is we provide training and work experience for the disabled and vulnerable people of the island." So began a visit to SHAPE in Sandy Bay that proved to be humbling and inspirational.
by Darrin Henry

5 July 2012

Improvements & Worries
for Sheep Farming
This special report on sheep farming on St Helena, by Sherrilee Phillips, was published in our issue 14 of the Sentinel, on 28 June 2012. Includes interviews and input from the island vet and local farmer, Gary Stevens.
28 June 2012

St Helena, A Fantastic Tourism Product
In his first column for The Sentinel, Michael Benjamin tells us why St Helena has a lot going for her

Our Island, Our Future
St Helena's Youth Parliament speaks to SHBC about their ambitions.

by Damien O'Bey
5 April 2012

Kedell Worboys
SHL UK Government Rep gave an exclusive interview to SHBC on her annual visit to St Helena, in March 2012.
by Sherrilee Phillips

5 March 2012

"Vaseline Eggs on the High Seas"
An interview with Top to Top yachties on an amazing round the world voyage.
by Sharon Henry & Sinead Green
14 March 2012
"Summer Jam 2012"
Enjoying the day out by the seaside, watching boat rides and line dancing.
by Terri Clingham

18 March 2012
"Business Awards nominee dinner"
Governor Mark Capes joined SHDA to acknowledge 2012 business awards dinner.
by Sherrilee Phillips

14 March 2012
"Politics surprisingly interesting"
My first LegCo turned out to be very educational, and no way boring.
by Sharon Henry

24 February 2012

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