Isolated Island in Popular PC Game

Fly yourself to st helena airport

A stillshot of the approach to the St Helena Airport runway - from the flight simulation PC add-on for X-Plane 11. Stillshot by Mic-Kail Harris.
28 Sept 2018 By Mic-Kail Harris, SAMS

St Helena Island, in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean, is accessible in two ways: via ship (usually a five-day voyage from Cape Town), or via a flight from Johannesburg.

But, as of Jan. 11, there is a third way to access the island – and you don't even have to leave your house.

"Being a globetrotter without leaving your cosy home sounds paradoxical, but is feasible via flight simulation," said Rohan Kuner, scenery designer for RIM&COMPANY. "There are a few PC-based flight-simulation programs, which offer an authentic depiction of our world and make it possible for one to fly to literally every place on earth from the comfort of one's own computer."

Flight-simulator software developers RIM&COMPANY in January launched an add-on for X-Planes 11 (a plane simulator for PC). This add-on is called "St Helena – Neck-breaking approaches to the Island of Napoleon."

The cliffside airport on the remote island of St Helena is a unique approach for pilots and passengers. Stillshot by Mic-Kail Harris.
St Helena Airport (HLE) is unique, with a mountain being used to fill in a valley to create a flat enough space for the runway on the remote 47-sq. mile island where Napoleon Bonaparte spent his final years.

HLE became "infamous" when wind shear was found to prevent larger planes from landing safely on the tricky runway, causing international media to name the airport as "the world's most useless," among other names.

Now HLE has been operational for almost a year – but if you still aren't brave enough to fly here, thanks to RIM&COMPANY you can still experience the challenges pilots face on the infamous runway.

"What makes an airport unique?" Kuner asked. "From an aesthetical point of view, the architecture of the airport terminal has to be distinctive. Additionally, the surroundings should be eye-candy beautiful or particularly striking in some other way.

"From an aviation point of view, there has to be an aeronautical charm to the place, such as a really complex and unique approach. Last but not least, there should be a story behind it.

"In my view, St. Helena has it all! Not only is landing a Boeing737 at St. Helena a real challenge due to the severity of wind shear, but also St. Helena is a really amazingly beautiful little island!"

This pack allows players to fly to HLE with variety of planes, including two unique planes - an old, small cargo plane and a "modern, cool business plane."