International Youth Day Events on St Helena.

20 September 2019 By Mic-kail Harris

On Friday, Sept. 13 at 11am, St Helena held an International Youth Day event at the Mule Yard.

International Youth Day is officially held on Aug. 12, however the event was held a month later due to the schools being closed on Aug. 12.

Activities for the day were put together by the Children and Adults Social Care Directorate.

The first event was the Jamestown Amazing Race, which started at 11am. Students were put into groups of three and had to work together to solve clues relating to young staff members in different businesses in Jamestown.

One of the 9 clues in the Jamestown Amazing Race

The first group back was Josh Herne and Pascal Walters who arrived back to the Mule Yard at 11:30am (the third student in the group was unable to finish).

After the Amazing Race, students took part in some novelty sports in the Leisure Park, which saw team-based games including Tug-of-War and the Caterpillar Race.

Students who weren't taking part in the activities in the Leisure Park took part in some other activities in the Mule Yard, such as a sing-a-long.

The organisers had originally intended to host a Hot Dog Eating Competition at 2pm however it was later changed to an Apple Eating Competition.

At 2:30pm students gathered in the Mule Yard for the presentation of medals, badges and speeches. During the closing ceremony Isaac Greentree talked about the challenges facing youth of St Helena today and Children's Champion, Cllr Derek Thomas, talked about Youth Parliament for International Youth Day. Believe and Achieve St Helena (BASH) also spoke about their mentoring programme.

Medals and badges were presented by SHAPE Manager Marianne Young-Crowie and Nick Stevens from New Horizons.

The Apple Eating Competition

The day concluded with thanks and a wrap-up of the day by Nicolene Adams.

"To all of the youth on St Helena, International Youth Day is a reminder that you are competent, smart, strong and motivated to do things you want," Nicolene said. "Each of you have a combination of high energies, intelligent brains and smartness – the formula for a successful St Helena."