Salvation Army Hall Musical Evening

13 September 2019 By Cyril (Ferdie) Gunnell

At a time when St Helena is concerned what the outcome of what Brexit will mean for St Helena, there was at least opportunity on Friday evening September 6th for relieving the stress of it all with some hand-clapping and hearty singing with swaying at the relaxed musical evening at the Salvation Army's Half Tree Hollow Hall. All available seats were full before the 7pm opening.

The opening prayer was by Major Priscilla. Arranged by Stuart Yon, the programme had a bit of everything including embracing of cultures with African dance performances.

Entertainment got underway with Keith Yon (ukulele) and Jordana Peters (trumpet) performing "Somewhere over the Rainbow." Jordana gave a second instrumental piece "Give me that old time religion," this time with Stuart Yon playing saxophone. Stuart also did a saxophone solo "I'm free."

Six ladies from South Africa calling themselves Pinkie & Company performed two African dance routines. Major Nhlanhla explained they told "where we come from" depicting apartheid, colonialism and slave trade times when husbands were taken away from families leaving wives to do all the work, and while they worked in groups they sang and danced.

Early in the programme Bishop Dale sang solo, "I still haven't found what I'm looking for." Other soloists were Nicholas Yon, "Simplicity" which was all about a relationship with God, and Johnny Carter "God forgive me." Nicholas also led a number of popular sing-a-long songs.

A piano solo, Minuet in C by young Maya Yon had everyone marvelling. Later Maya sang with her parents Carolyn and Dion "Amazing Grace" with Dion playing rhythm guitar. The two Majors Ziqubu and their two sons sang two songs in the Zulu and Lesotho languages.

A group calling themselves Family Circle sang "I'm a believer" which is a Monkey's arrangement but with some religious words included. A duet, Alex and Colette sang "Hold on a little longer, help is on the way." Congregation songs were; "Because he lives", "Jesus what a beautiful name", "These are the days of Elijah" and "Yes Jesus loves me".


The 11-strong band's brass instruments included trumpet, cornets, saxophone, horn, baritone and base. They played "Wade in the water", "Sweet Chariot", "Thank you for the music", and one piece "Home on the range", was accompanied by children crawling around the stage mimicking animals.

The musical programme was interspersed with well known Salvation Army choruses and Coral Yon telling jokes to applause. The closing song was "Would you be free from your burden of sins."

Major Nhlanhla closed the programme with a Benediction followed by the band playing "Thank you father." The evening was very enjoyable. People asked, "When will the next musical take place?"