St Helena cyclists ride alongside London to Monaco

27 September 2019 By Mic-kail Harris

Local cyclists rode alongside the London to Monaco Bike Ride without having to leave the island in the Plantation2Ruperts Bike Ride organised by the St Helena National Trust on Saturday Sept. 21.

Cyclists started gathering at White Gate at 11:30am and at 12:30pm, participants made their way to Plantation House for Briefing, conducted by Head of Marine Conservation, Beth Taylor.

Shortly after 1pm, cyclists lined up at the start line at White Gate. After a short speech, the ribbon was cut, and the cyclists took off, on their way to Ruperts.

Cyclists stuck together for the first part of the journey, taking them to Sandy Bay Junction before splitting up to take their designated routes.

The Long route took the cyclists to Rock Rose before meeting up with the short cyclists at Hutts Gate. The short route cyclists travelled to Lemon Tree Gut before meeting with the long route cyclists at Hutts Gate. Both route-takers then travelled to Deadwood and down the Haul Road.


Four of the ten cyclists of the team "Artemis", consisting of Alonzo Henry, Rhys Hobbs, Damon Millar, Martin Henry, Sergio Villatoro Bran, Simon Smith, Craig Yon, Colby Thomas, Jamie Ellick and Joachin Naulaerts, were the first to cross the finish line at Wicked Wahoo, taking them around 2 hours to complete the long route.

At 3:30pm, the Kids Obstacle Ride took place outside Wicked Wahoo, where children sprinted from the start to the end of Wicked Wahoo before turning back to the start, then took part in a hoop toss and bean bag toss.

At 5:30pm, medals were awarded to all participants, both adults and children, and winners of the raffle were announced shortly after.

In total, 24 cyclists took part in this event. Entrance fees at Wicked Wahoo went to the Tristan da Cunha Red Cross Appeal.