Marine science videogame, book feature St Helena

18 October 2019 By Andrew Turner

St Helena is the central feature of a new marine science "make-a-zine" and an upcoming videogame being introduced in UK schools.

The "make-a-zine" (an interactive, magazine-style booklet), An Ocean Adventure, aims to teach primary school students about the marine environment and marine issues including plastic pollution. An Ocean Adventure includes pop-up displays and craft projects to keep kids interested in the material, and the central feature of the book is a pop-up display of St Helena.

The display shows the marine life found around the island including dolphins, tuna and whale sharks.

The book has also been distributed to primary school students across St Helena, and local teachers are beginning to include the book in their lessons.

The book was produced by the Blue Marine Foundation in partnership with Planetari.

The Blue Marine Foundation set up and is funding the St Helena National Trust (SHNT) Marine team, which promotes St Helena's marine environment locally and internationally and carries out conservation and research projects.

The team helped craft the St Helena part of the make-a-zine.

"We wanted to develop something that didn't just collect dust on a shelf, but that hopefully gives some pride to readers here when they see St Helena being featured; and also reiterates to people back in the UK that St Helena is a place for the world to cherish," said SHNT's Head of Marine Conservation, Beth Taylor.


In addition to the book, the Blue Marine Foundation, SHNT Marine and Planetari are producing a videogame based on St Helena and its marine environment.

The game aims to promote conservation activities and teach players about the marine environment of St Helena in a way that is enjoyable, particularly for young players.

The game would be an easily updateable learning resource, as information in the game can be updated as new research is completed.