By-election candidates announced

13 November 2019 By Andrew Turner

Five candidates are standing for the 2019 by-election to fill the vacant seat on Legislative Council after the resignation of Council Kylie Hercules.

Shortly after 1pm on Wednesday, Returning Officer Carol George announced the candidates (listed below as they appear in the above photo, from left to right):


Gillian Ann Brooks of Upper Cow Path, Half Tree Hollow.

Gillian was sponsored by Ethel Caroline Yon of the Old Yard, Half Tree Hollow and Deborah Yon of White Gate House, St Paul's.


Lionel George Williams of Brenville, Half Tree Hollow.

Lional was sponsored by Martin George Peters of Barron Ground, Blue Hill and Gerald Mansfield Thomas of Half Tree Hollow.


Jeffrey Robert Ellick of Police Quarters, Alarm Forest.

Jeffrey was sponsored by Cyril Robert George of Clifton Cottage, Sapper Way, St Paul's and Julie Dawn Thomas of Gordon's Post, Alarm Forest.


Elizabeth Knipe of Parkinson Gut, Sandy Bay.

Elizabeth was sponsored by Charmaine Victoria Buckman Salt of Cardinal Drive, Half Tree Hollow and Deborah Dawn Fantom of Wranghams, Sandy Bay.


Jeremy James Johns of Nr Harlyn, Half Tree Hollow.

Jeremy was sponsored by Kylie Marie Hercules of Ropery Field, Longwood and Melvin Theodore Benjamin of Rock Club, Half Tree Hollow.


Jeffrey Ellick, Gillian Brooks and Elizabeth Knipe were present for the announcement.

Polling day will now take place Nov. 27.

Some of the candidates have already begun their campaigns. In a statement, Mr Ellick mentioned the work of lobby group Unified Saints, of which he is a founding member, and said that, if elected, he would continue the work of the group from 'inside.'

The successful candidate will serve in their first formal Legislative Council meeting Dec. 6. Their term will then last until the next General Election in July 2020.