Three Saints graduate university with first-class honours

18 July 2019 By Emma Weaver & Donna Crowie

Three young Saints, who departed St Helena on scholarship in 2016 to undertake studies, on July 15 graduated with bachelor's degrees from University of Portsmouth.

David J. Clarke


David is originally from New Ground. On July 15 he graduated with a First-Class Honours BSc (Hons) Mathematics degree.

"During school I started to enjoy mathematics and I began to focus most of my energy there," he said. "It often meant spending hours, even days, trying to solve equations; but getting the correct answer at the end felt rewarding.

"I decided I wanted to continue to learn more about maths beyond A-level maths and further maths, and eventually share this with others – hence the reason I enrolled on the mathematics degree.

"I found the maths degree, particularly the final year, challenging but enjoyable. It was a pleasure learning from professionals in the maths field at University of Portsmouth, which is ranked 9th for mathematics in the University League Tables 2020. In general, exposure to the UK has been outstanding.

"I exceedingly congratulate those who graduated alongside of me. I extend thanks to the PAS Post-School Scholarship, to family and friends (including the late Brian Frederick and family) as well as previous teachers, lecturers and employers. I now look forward to my immediate future on St Helena.

"Everyone has the ability to excel in something. I advise [other young Saints] to find your passion and work on that. Try to keep improving yourself whilst giving back to others. Remember to have a balance between work/study and play. If you get down and beaten, get up, bounce back. In any case, the hard work will pay."

Jordan Clingham


Jordan, originally from Levelwood, graduated from University of Portsmouth with a First-Class Honours BEng in Computer Engineering.

"It has been a great three years studying at university, an excellent experience where I have met and made friendships with people all over the world, learned and practiced new skills not only academically but also in new hobbies and activities," he said.

For instance, for his final-year project, Jordan designed and constructed a walking, insect-like robot complete with survival features. The main goal of the project was to prototype and explore the uses of swarming robots for minesweeping and search/rescue.

Jordan said he had an excellent experience at university.

"I hope many other young Saints will be able to do the same in their own university adventures," he said. "Thank you greatly to everyone involved in making my university experience possible."





Kyle Shoesmith


Kyle, originally from Half Tree Hollow, graduated with a First-Class Honours BEng in Civil Engineering.

Kyle dissertation topic was transportation engineering, with his research focused on 'Vehicle Placement and Pavement Deterioration at Horizontal Curves.'

"This was a unique and fulfilling experience, in which I surveyed approximately 10,000 vehicles and used the findings to establish possible relationships between the effects of vehicles and pavement deterioration for more accurate maintenance predictions."

Kyle will now return to St Helena, where he will work for SHG as a Graduate Engineer.

"I am pleased that I have achieved what I set out to do, and in the process have met good people and have obtained valuable life experiences," Kyle said. "My achievement is a reflection of those who have helped me throughout the way, no matter how large or small, including the scholarship committee, employers, teachers, family and friends. I would encourage other Saints to strive to reach their full potential with any opportunities available. In doing so, your potential will grow allowing for limitless development."