St Helena helps her sister island

09 August 2019 By Donna Crowie

In July Tristan Da Cunha was hit by a devastating storm which damaged a number of government and private properties.

SAMS spoke with Tristanians Kelly Swain and Riaan Repetto who are currently on St Helena for training.

According to Kelly and Riaan, it was five days after the storm that they first heard from their parents on Tristan and they were relieved to confirm that no one was hurt.

Maria Yon, whose father lives on Tristan also told SAMS "you will never believe the relief it was when I got a call from my dad. I was so emotional, the three of us all said the same thing because although five days is not long, it sure seems like when you are waiting to hear from family. Thank God they were all safe."

Although the official report said only one house was badly damaged, Riaan explained that actually more residences suffered less severe damages such as roofs blown off, smashed windows and water leaks.

Kelly told The Sentinel that the potato huts (where they store potatoes) were blown down and their camping huts were damaged.

Pamela Ward Pearce, a member of the St Helena Red Cross Organisation told SAMS that the organisation has opened an account for the Tristan Appeal Fund so that any monies raised will go directly to Tristan.

All donations are welcome to the bank account number 00334002 and transfers should be marked "Tristan appeal".

The first fund raising event for the Tristan appeal was a bingo session at the Jamestown Community Centre on 8th August.